In honour of the day that’s in it, let’s enjoy the Peugeot 101, patriotically turned out in blue, white and red.


No, they’re not all the same. You could have a lozenge shaped (or box shaped, depending) fuel tank at the front or a boxy one under the saddle. Either way 50cc of two stroke horsepower, albeit just the one horse. No rear suspension, just the one gear.and a centrifugal clutch. Starting was by pedalling, as the law governing cyclomoteurs required the fitting of pedals which could be used to power the bike. In reality it wasn’t an easy thing to do but it was sometimes necessary to provide a bit of human assistance to the single horse when trying to get up anything more ambitious than a gentle slope.

Note the two chains and sprockets, one each for rider and engine. The rider gets higher gearing, being unable to pedal quite as fast as the engine can turn.