But we’ve already done 1/09.

So let’s have what powered a Bf (or Me, hours of entertainment can be had by provoking arguments about this) 109, a DB 605 engine which looked just like this.

Yes, it looks odd. It’s an inverted V12 so the crankcase is on top.

The 605 replaced the 601 and differed from it in that it had been bored out to 35.7 litres, up from 33.9, and had more boost and a higher rev limit. More than 40,000 were made. Depending on model and what kind of fuel was available it produced up to 2,000 bhp.

Here’s a cut away diagram. Yes, it does look odd.


And an actual cut away. Yes, that’s a Swedish plane behind it. Saab used the 605 on one model.

Want to hear one running? Of course you do.

As you’d imagine production stopped in 1945 and Daimler haven’t to my knowledge built an aircraft engine since.