I've made my list, checked it more times than I'd care to admit and now I'm ready to share. When I was in the market for a vehicle earlier this year I very nearly pulled the trigger on one of these fine examples you'll find below. It was to the point where I was ready to call up my grandparents in northern Louisiana and ask if the could have a trustworthy relative in Tennessee go check it out for me. The car of which I speak is number one on my comprehensive list of used VW Phaeton's currently for sale in these United States of America. Ultimately it was a friend with whom I go on frequent weekend drives that brought me back from the brink of luxury coach ownership. He made the excellent point that while this may be an insanely comfortable way to run errands and cover long distances, it sure as shit won't hunt down apexes in the canyons. With that in mind I turned my gaze towards smaller, more agile vehicles but the allure of the Phaeton remains and when I get to a point when two cars are viable, I know exactly what I'm going for.

Cars have been ranked using a highly advanced algorithm that takes into consideration mileage to price ratio, exterior color desirability and wear/tear based on location.

Happy hunting, recommended to consult spouses/significant others before purchase.

1.) 2005 V8 Marais Green Metallic/Tan Leather/59k mi


2.) 2004 V8 Reflex Silver Metallic/Black Leather/95k mi

3.) 2004 W12 Black/Tan Leather/73k mi


4.) 2004 V8 Nocturne Aubergine/Tan Leather/50k mi

5.) 2005 V8 Nocturne Aubergine/Tan Leather/102k mi(warranty)


6.) 2006 V8 Black/Tan Leather/128k mi

7.) 2004 V8 CouCou Grey/Black Leather/108k mi


8.) 2004 V8 Waterworld Pearlescent/Black Leather/129k mi

9.) 2004 W12 Black/Tan Leather/61k mi


10.) 2005 V8 Black/Black Leather/91k mi

And one you don't want because someone went too far with the Bentley thing...