Some cars are completely forgettable. Maybe they were once popular, but even then, they were always at the fringes of your memory. Like, I guarantee you there aren’t a lot of people thinking about a Kia Sephia right now. Anyway, here in no particular order are my most forgettable picks. Feel free to add any suggestions of your own!

1. Chrysler Cirrus

Your memory of this one-time Chrysler mainstay is likely as hazy as the clouds which bear its name. The Dodge Stratus and even the Plymouth Breeze don’t seem too long past, but today it’s almost as if the top-end model with its faux-fancy chrome grille never existed.

2. Oldsmobile Intrigue


What was so intriguing about the Intrigue? Not a lot, it turns out. Positioned between the more memorable Alero and Aurora, the Intrigue was an inoffensive, middle-of-the-road lesson in mediocrity.

3. Suzuki Esteem


The Esteem was Suzuki’s offering for the automotive consumer not discriminating enough to afford a Chevy Cavalier. Maybe it’s so forgotten because most of them have long since gone to the scrap yard.

4. Hyundai Scoupe


Hyundai made a small, sporty car before the Tiburon? Sure they did! Have you ever seen one? Because I sure as hell haven’t.

5. Acura Vigor


The Vigor’s big brother, the Acura Legend, was...well...legendary. Heck, it was named Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year when it made its US debut. The Vigor? Not so much. It’s the Acura that time forgot.

6. Oldsmobile Achieva


Oh look, another Oldsmobile. Regrettably, Oldsmobile had become something of a forgettable brand by the 1990s. The Achieva was a car in the same way that a tuna fish sandwich is a meal. It gets the job done, but it’s probably not something you’ll remember.

7. Subaru Loyale


Long before Subaru became the automotive choice of hipsters and philosophy majors everywhere, there was the Loyale. Sure, the wagons still have their niche today, but who remembers that there was a sedan, too? It hung on until 1994, by which time it was already largely forgotten.

8. Daewoo Nubira


Daewoo’s US-market debut in the late ’90s was too ridiculous and tragic to forget, but there is nothing memorable about the Nubira. The Lanos is remembered for being the cheapest crapcan in America at the time, and the Leganza for sounding like an appetizer at Olive Garden, but the Nubira? Daewoo’s middle offering never got noticed. Oh well. At least there was a wagon.

9. Nissan NX


In the early ’90s, Nissan dropped the Pulsar nameplate and introduced the NX. It was supposed to compete with the Mazda MX-3 and Toyota MR2, cars you no doubt remember, but who thinks of the NX today? Even back then, it was just kind of there, like a Geo with less personality.

10. Acura SLX


Perhaps the most egregious example of badge engineering, the SLX was Acura’s first SUV model. But instead of going to all that work of building a car from the ground up, the suits in marketing slapped an Acura grille on an Isuzu Trooper and decided to call it a day. Most people today don’t remember the SLX ever existed, and Acura probably prefers it that way.