10 days of motorcycle (1)

Friend of mine nominated me for this. for 10 days, I have to post a picture of my motorcycling past and explain why Its meaningfully to me.

Figured I might as well throw oppo in the loop too.

day 1:

My old Blast
My old Blast

This was my first bike. a 2009 Buell blast. My father bought it new as HIS first bike, and when he upgraded to the BMW, he left this to me. We bought it brand new, and between the 2 of us (mainly me) we put 5000 km on it in a season.

In that 5K km the carb fell off (twice) the rear tires needed replacing (oops) the wiring harness needed to be looked at, and I dropped it once.

I throw some dirt bike bars and a bunch of stickers on it. Shortened the front turn signals and replaced the mirrors. Sold it to a friend for 1/2 of what we bought it for and it has sat ever since.

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