My full exhaust, headers to muffler has been installed thanks to my backbreaking labor for the day. I had some help occasionally from a couple guys working on other stuff but I did most of the intensive labor. Somehow I didn’t break any bolts and it went mostly smoothly thanks to liquid wrench! I didnt finish putting on the undercarriage braces and there is an unfinished coolant leak associated with the heater return (it’s a finicky fitting) but otherwise everything is in and there are no exhaust leaks! I have never done any exhaust work before so that’s why it took all day. I had a lift and power tools and thankfully an unused Sawzall. Oh man does it sound nice now though! Plus it is quiet at idle and relatively tame under 4k rpms. So I think this was perfect. Oh man do I need food, water, a shower and sleep now though! It was a hard day!

Ehh not enough grease, I didn’t struggle enough. And I wore gloves mostly haha.