1. The oil filter sits directly above the subframe, dumping a quart of oil onto the car with each change.
  2. The passenger mirror’s “centered” position is halfway filled with the right side of the car. Moving it out to the proper blind spot location pushes it beyond its maximum range.
  3. The B-pillars’ exterior trim pieces are barely attached with double-sided foam tape and starting to come off. They were replaced under warranty...in the exact same way as the factory, of course. So they’re coming off again.
  4. Cruise control (a very key feature for a highway cruiser) moves +/-5mph when engaged, since 6th gear is so tall and gutless. You can’t force the car into 5th gear. AT ALL. (item 4b: No manual gear selection!)
  5. Every exterior surface bends to the lightest touch — plastic, metal, other. It also dents with only minor contact.
  6. The Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning camera (mounted in the windshield) often doesn’t function in normal summer heat. “CAMERA TOO HOT.”
  7. The car is gigantic, but there is almost no storage anywhere. It’s like a mansion without a linen closet.
  8. 2015 model, but no HDMI, no Blu-Ray, and only one USB port in the car.
  9. The car cannot be started without pressing the brake. That means no passengers can crank it up to cool the car down, nor can it be cranked up without the use of brake lights and DRLs. Stealth factor = zero.
  10. Manual hood prop rod in an up-to-$45k car. What is this, the time of Charlemagne?