+10 Torque

I hate my stock intake on the S10 2.2, especially in the summer and when I need to work on anything around the air intake assembly. (A/C, belt, etc) The radiator heats up the intake and the hot air bogs down the already anemic engine.

I put an eBay aluminum air intake!


I do need to fit the air temp sensor into the tube, the provided grommet is too small or I need to stretch it some more. (zip tied it to the fuse box for now)

Engine is slightly louder when accelerating heavily, strangly it sounds more like a stock honda S2000. More torque too, I actually accelerated over 55mph in 5th gear hauling a 800lb riding mower up a bridge, I’d used to have to go into 3rd to increase speed.... I need a LS swap!

What is unexpected is that I am actually burning less gas than before! It would take a 1/4 of gas to go to work and back home, now I am burning 1/8 of a tank.


What a lump of plastic (now it takes up room in the shed attic.)

I forgot to post about this since September, when I actually installed the intake. It’s doing fantastic and hasn’t fell off :)

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