Starts with the first of the BeaterZs, this Bright Red 1994 Z28 hardtop. Scraped together enough money while attending community college to buy it. Although it makes me nostalgic, the car was not a good buy at the ripe age of 19 due to the condition. But it was fun and had a 6 speed and that is what mattered most at the time.

Taken 12/2010

Ten years down the road and now well into my career I’m driving a much quicker, but equally as bright red Chevrolet. Going on two years, this one has been pretty good to me so far. (knocks on plastic)

Island Beach State Park

While I don’t feel my life has changed drastically, at least I learned a few things along the way like getting a better deal on a cheap sports car. Not sure what I will be driving in 2029 but hopefully it will be rear wheel drive, manual, and make sweet burbles.