10 year challenge - Late to the party

In 2009 I transitioned from my 2001 Accord EX V6 with a dying automatic transmission, but the best automatic climate control ever, to a 2009 Civic Si. These are the two cars that taught me to dislike modern Honda and appreciate the weird, and I thank them for that.

Rare side by side shot as I traded the right for the left.
I really liked this car... but I also hated it. Car I owned for the least amount of time.

Now, in 2019... well things are a little different. I own five cars, plus a motorized bike, and have seven total living at the house. I went from never having seen an episode of Top Gear in my life to having done two actual Top Gear style adventures with more in the works.

I guess we should re-do the family photo with the new kiddo

On the downside, I have grey in my stubble now. So there is that.

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