Still looking for a new DD for less than $10k.

These Lexus IS sellers are delusional, or the buyers are idiots.

Blue book, including Edmunds, TrueCar and KBB, even for a Clean/Excellent 2004 or 2005 with 80k miles, are at most $8,500. So I have made four offers of $9k for three separate IS300’s, all around 100k miles, all with fucked up dashboards (common problem), one with a freaking dent in the hood, all with curb rash on the wheels, one with non-functional seat heaters and memory, another with a significant rip in the driver’s seat (ie all with cosmetic issues that would easily knock them down to Average or even Fair)... one seller just didn’t even respond to my offer, one laughed in my face, and one just wrote back, “Fuck you, lowballer.” Well fuck you, too.

So anyway, I’m looking at alternatives. I used to really like my old boss’s V50 T5 AWD, but TrueDelta doesn’t exactly paint a rosy picture for reliability. Same for the V70, both the T5 and the V6. But I like Volvo wagons. Really do. It would fulfill my need for something family friendly that isn’t a CUV/SUV, is interesting, affords some luxury, and could be a decent drive. But the reliability and cost of ownership issue... ugh.

Any insight?

I need help. I can’t go with anything German due to cost of ownership and general reliability. I’ve had BMW mechanics loudly and audibly warn me away. I was also interested in the 3rd gen TL, but again mechanics warned me away due to the glass transmissions.


Should I just keep the CRV and forget about my plan to replace it with something of equal or lesser value (around $10k)?

The real monkeywrench is that I can’t get a car with a manual. It’s one of the two conditions my wife laid down, and eliminates pretty much everything that I’d really want. She doesn’t drive stick and I just can’t teach her. Well, not so much teach her but get her comfortable driving it in heavy Austin traffic.


The other condition is nothing sight unseen, which isn’t really a problem for me. I won’t buy so much as a coffee mug without holding it first.