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100 Fastest Cars of 1984: Introduction.

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With the advent of events like Radwood, it’s about time we turned our attention to the last stand of the old world automobile. Most carmakers had finally recovered from the fuel crises of decade prior; with fuel injection and turbocharging soon to become a mainstay of automotive technology.


Hence, we arrive at this mid-point in automotive history. Fasten your automatic seatbelts, in Oppositelock tradition, let’s celebrate this era with a useless list.

Before we get started, here’s some quick ground rules to put in place.

  • In ascending order, 100 cars from 1984 will be ranked by power to weight.
  • This will be structured in a series of posts, featuring ten cars at a time.
  • Each post will contain HQ press photos and comments, not just numbers.
  • To clarify, power to weight will be measured in metric hp/tonne (PS/t).
  • All stats are sourced from an AutoKatalog publication and double-checked.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that if your favourite car doesn’t show up, don’t worry. To avoid duplicate models, I sorted cars by wheelbase. Some extremely similarly sized models from the same manufacturer won’t be listed for this reason. Remember, this was simply a measure put in place to avoid duplicates: almost all iconic nameplates are still present. So, this won’t affect much in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a heads up.


Without further ado, get ready for a rad, righteous and otherwise wicked ride〜

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