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$100 iMac

2011 with a quad core i5 and the original box! Now I know it’s not the most modern machine but it is certainly useful and in my opinion still a striking design. I had some ram lying around, so the 4gb it came with is is now 16gb, really makes a difference. For $100 it’s a very nice internet machine.

Very clean considering it’s age. Not that an iMac is exposed to the same abuse a Macbook would be but considering it’s age i’d say it’s worth it’s spot on my desk. I might end up selling it but I’m really enjoying it now. I feel like I’m still getting the experience of owning one of these nice machines for a tenth of what a new one costs. 


Now it has displaced my more capable and modern system, but now that I’m done with school (technically one internship away from graduating, any of y’all know anyone in furniture design that wants to hire an intern? portfolio= johntl.com) I don’t really need a CAD beast for sending out resumes, and I like that I have more desk space for tinkering projects or sketching. As soon as I move out of my folk’s place the plan is to have a proper workstation, and then this iMac in a living space for day to day internet tasks.

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