A minimum of 100 km/h or about 62 mph, can you imagine that? Meanwhile the entire Chicago metro area is blanketed with a 55 mph maximum. (We don’t actually drive 55, for the record). Ridiculous.

“We decided to change the minimum speed limits on those two roads after studies showed that a wide gap between maximum and minimum speed limits is a key cause of accidents on highways”

This of course excludes heavy trucks.

Al Zafeen also said that the minimum speed for trucks should be 60kph and the maximum should be 80kph.


And, to me at least, it makes sense. How many times have you been traveling at the prevailing speed of traffic, only to run into the stereotypical “Coexist” stick figure family’d Subaru Forester dawdling along in the center lane doing 60 mph?


In my opinion, these highways are world class (can’t necessary say the same about the drivers, though.).

The fastest sections on both I believe is limited to 120 km/h (75 mph), with tolerance up to 140 km/h (about 87 mph) before you get flashed by a speed camera on at least one of those highways. It used to be the case that the de-facto “enforced” speed limit was 160 km/h (about 100 mph).


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