Last night, during my nighttime ritual of browsing 100 year-old newspapers, I came across this classified ad in the November 13, 1913 run of the Wilston Graphic.

It appears that even 100 years ago car-crazed Americans were willing to make what sounds like a horribly bad financial decision to obtain an automobile. Trading a house for a car just sounds crazy, but then again this was 1913.

While some question the desire or ability to own an automobile in today's rollercoaster of economic ups-and-downs, this ad seems to indicate that a century ago people weren't just willing to live in substandard houses to afford nicer cars, as many (of us) do (probably) today, but that they were willing to trade their house FOR a car.

That my friends is passion.

I just hope that whatever automobile our dear friend ended up with was worth a house.