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$1000 off a Tesla anyone?

Tesla just launched a new referral program.

If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to get a Model S or X. The S just got a refreshed look and is a killer car, even in base form. I can attest to that. Am happy to entertain questions you may have on EVs in general, charging, road trips living with a Tesla as your only car, without home charging, etc. I have also pretty good knowledge of the X based on colleague feedback.


We can connect via other methods if that works to go into more detail privately. Am in the San Francisco Bay Area for offline meet and test drive! (I swear this is less creepy than it sounds.)

If you somehow find me helpful, please follow this link for $1000 off on an S or X (it is adjusted for other currencies: for example, it is 1200$cdn):

You have until July 15th.

(Full disclosure: I get no money out of it, but there are potential prizes. This is a referral program.)

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