Brand new 2019 Buick TourX Preferred. Wife really wants a white Essence, and this is Rioja Red Preferred.

We test drove it last week, and we both vastly preferred it to the new Outback XT Onyx edition.


They also have 0% for 72 moths, but then the discounts are way less and it makes more sense to pay 5% interest. We have 800+ credit scores so we should qualify for the lowest offer, but they won’t go low after $8000 in rebates - typical GM Financial stuff. Dealer called us today to offer us this, which is $2000 lower than what we had last week as the best offer.

But, we have a 2000 Toyota Tundra with 140k miles which is uber reliable and is our dog-mobile, and we’re getting a free 2007 Honda Fit with 40k miles (uber base, zero options, crank windows base levels) so we can be payment free for a while, for as long as we want, but with two old cars.

We also have two WRX leases which we have to return on 5/1, and those will cost us around $1500 to return (I presume, $500 each or so for disposition fee, and I have 3 hail damage dings). If we trade them in, our payoff is around $19k which should be pretty much what they are worth - we might make a few bucks or break even, but we won’t have to pay out of pocket.


What the hell am I supposed to do here? The car is an amazing deal, and we loved it. But, it is not 100% what we’d like trim or color-wise (this is the only TourX in Denver area, closest Essence we like is in Kansas City and it doesn’t have the same discounts), our monthly out of pocket for payments and insurance would go from around $370 to $500-600 depending on how long of a term we select. Affording it is not really a problem, but we just bought a new and pricey house, and we like the idea of throwing all the extra cash at it so we can pay it off in 7-8 years, instead of 15 years which is our current loan. Smart money says drive the paid off vehicles. But, I love the idea of a new wagon with a turbo engine and Apple carplay. Decisions, decisions...

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