100k Update: Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel

Dirty Jeep getting ready to accompany the Corvette Up North

Wanted to give the Oppo Fam an update on how the Jeep is going after rolling 100k over! We’re currently sitting at 106k and I have to say, for having all the stuff everyone said to avoid (air suspension, mostly) we’ve had an uneventful journey.

Total Out of Pocket Repairs: $0

Maintenance done:

We’re on our 3rd Set of tires. Both sets post factory good years have been slightly more aggressive all season M&S rated tires. We live in the boonies afterall.


We change oil regularly. Still using the original penzoil suggested oil despite Jeep now saying Rotella T6 is fine as well. I stocked up when the penzoil went on sale, and likewise on the filters. We’re changing oil at about 6000 miles no matter what the oil life says.

We had the def injector and a sesnsor near the DPF replaced under warranty prior to even turning 20,000 miles, no other unscheduled maintenance / wear items since then.

Average Fuel Economy: 25mpg

This one doesn’t look as good as it is. Daily the Jeep sees 60 miles, 45-50 of which are at 80-83mph (80mph speed limits out here!) which does not generate peak MPG numbers. We still get 30+ routinely when traveling up into Minnesota where 60-65 is the norm. Plus winter is fun here, spending days below zero with crappy mixed diesel.


Thoughts so far

We love our Jeep. We’ve towed side by sides and 4 wheelers and boats in the summer, enclosed snow mobile trailers in the winter, and a 7x18 double axle trailer I picked up for projects. We haven’t found it wanting for power on any pulling jobs and the tank size means that even we are only getting 12-13mpg pulling we aren’t stopping very often. The inside is comfortable, UConnect is still one of the better media systems and they’ve actually fixed bugs with updates so Kudos FCA. The thing has cold started as cold as -20 degrees air temp when left in a parking lot at work for 24 hours (aka, no engine block heater!).


I wish their UConnect app would be faster to remote lock/unlock/start and update the trucks position in more real time but I suspect some of that is lack of good non-verizon cell coverage.

Overall the Jeep has done everything we have asked of it, pretty comfortably. I’d be happy to answer any questions on day to day life with the old girl.

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