Around 3:00 Sunday morning I finally finished the first draft of my automotive fantasy novel, whose working title is A Legion of Gods. The word count suggests a formatted page count of around 400, which is about what I was shooting for when I started. But there’s no paint on the walls or carpet on the floors. The first draft is a little bare on description, so I’ll probably have to do some trimming when I run back through it. Sortof a literary gram strategy.

Writing a car-centric novel is difficult. No one wants to read about cool cars. We want to see them. Would you want to read a novel called Mad Max: Fury Road? Maybe, but you’d rather just watch the movie. So pace is going to have to be everything. I have to make you fall in love with my characters straight off the bat, then care about them as they’re put through various and sundry nightmares in order to achieve their goals. A fetching style will also be needed.

For this reason, much of the technical car stuff will live in a separate room from the rest of the novel. Because I want to read about how cars would be designed, built, and used in a medievalesque society, and so do you. But most people don’t care how someone can generate spark without a battery, or construct a roll cage without welding. So I’m sequestering most of the nerdism into short “journal entries” between chapters. This way, if your average fantasy fan doesn’t care about cylinder layout or tire composition, they can just skip it and get to the plot.

So this is just a heads-up for what’s coming down the line. Every time I try to justify writing this novel, I think, Oppo would read it. Maybe no one else, but I think many of you would be interested. It’s Jalop to the core, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

904 for your trouble/relevance.

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