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OLCTDM2018 is this weekend

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Hey we have a Dragon Agenda (see below) some things that I should say, first off we had a special guest lined up, who had to back out. So we only get ourselves.


There is a slack channel “opposlack” that I will use to communicate on site and leading up to it.


There is also no longer a charge to attend, as this was gonna cove our special guest expenses, so the goodie bags are gonna be a little light, (stickers) there will be trophy’s for the car show, (I can’t promise they’ll be good ones).

Beer in mind this is a dry county so if you want to buy beer, or alcohol after your all done for the day driving, you’d have to bring it in or drink at the hotel


Any questions please ask!


Arrive and settle in, do stuff with your loved ones! Perhaps Dinner and drinks I will probably be in late so may be unable to anything, I’ll update if I come in earlier(I’ll be in earlier, perhaps a dinner get together)



8:30am Run on


We’ll do Breakfast at along the way Dragon Dens Grill.

Midday “parade run”. We’ll be stopping and taking photos

1pm Lunch depends on where we are in the dragon. If your in the “parade” we’ll have thought, if you’re not in the group around 1pm, look out on slack channel I’ll post lunch spot there.


4pm Parking lot auto show and photos at the resort

7pm Dinner and drinks at Fontana village resort restaurant.


8:30am dragon run, followed by Breakfast

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