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11 Takeaways from the 2016 Philly Car Show

11. As tends to be the case, the FCA booth professionals were the most not unattractive.

10. The new Buick Envision and new LaCrosse (both on turntables) were completely generic-looking cars in person


9. GM’s Korean-built cars are noticeably cheaper-feeling

8. The legions of kids at the show really love the big new Euro-style vans from Ford, Ram, and Mercedes


7. I would never tire of opening and closing the door of the G-Class and hearing that military “CHUNK” sound

6. It’s still really really hard to see out the back of the new Camaro

5. The Miata is still very, very wee

4. A lot of new cars that didn’t make sense to me in photos made a lot more sense in person (in particular the crazy-looking new Prius and the burly Alfa Giulia)


3. The CT6 is large and in charge. There was only a single model on a turntable, but it had PRESENCE no other Caddy could boast (Save the ‘Slade)

2. The Lincoln Continental, on the other hand, seemed smaller than I expected, despite it being on a much taller turntable to accentuate its grandeur. Those door handles tho


1. I was able to sit in a couple of six-figure luxury and sports beasts...but the new Mitsubishi Mirage was LOCKED.

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