Time for a Fiat, but not the Mazda one. The real Fiat one (with a little help from others).

The 124 was usually a staid, sensible four door like this.

Even when it was a Lada it was still so.

But not always. In the 1960s it was still feasible to make relatively low volume variants without all that tiresome crash testing and homologation so Fiat did a coupé.


Then they facelifted it, because more lights are good.


But that wasn’t the only 124 coupé. Remember that it was still feasible to make cars in low volume? It was therefore still possible for coachbuilders to create their own interpretations. Here’s one by Moretti.

And it wasn’t just them. Vignale have now been reduced to a badge to stick onto upmarket Fords just like Ghia before them and just like Ghia the name will eventually become worthless, but once they were an actual business. They did a few of these 124-based creations. Meet the Eveline. She had a prettier sister called Samantha who was based on the slightly bigger 125.


Yes, I think the Fiat original was better too. This particular rhd one was part of a batch commissioned by a Cypriot entrepreneur who wanted to sell them in the UK.