So a couple of years ago, JawzX2 found an affordable endoscope online and after seeing that post, I just HAD to have one. It sure has proven useful...

I’ve always wanted one of these scopes, but wasn’t quite willing to shell out a couple hundred bucks or whatever for a handheld unit. But holy cow, $12 for one that can plug into a laptop via USB? Are kidding me? Hell yeah! (And you can even get ones that attach to a smartphone, too...)

Image quality isn’t the best, but it still allows you to inspect things with minimal disassembly. Like this distributor gear:

Wear pattern looks good to me.


Broken wires in the dust boot going to my Mustang’s driver-side door:

So that’s why my power door locks stopped working.


The valves on my truck:

Peekaboo, I see you!


The timing chain tensioner on my brother’s Sebring:

It’s extended, but not overly so.


The valves on last year’s CL100 project:

30 years is a long time to sit.


Also, that bike’s rusty tank:




But wrenching isn’t the only thing this scope is good for. After dinner one night, one of my teeth felt... odd. So I decided to have a look:

Shit, it IS a cavity. Welp, time to see the dentist.


There. All better!