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12 volt wiring is like plumbing with acid

...and I appear to suck at it. Even when I know what I’m doing...

The ute end...

So...we have the use of Mum’s camper. And it’ll be taken out straight after Easter using the Nissan farm ute.


However, the power connection to the camper is7 pin round large’. The connector on the Nissan was 7 pin flat and the plug appeared to have been hit with a hammer. The ute had also once had a brake controller...but not anymore.

The camper...

Todays job was to fit the new brake controller and complete the wiring to the new plug on the ute. That bit was quite straightforward as all the wiring was in place. So no worries there...

However, when it came to testing...failure. All the lights are good but the brake control signal wire was ‘disconnected’ according to the controller.


Then I found that the signal wire was live. That’s not right. And so was the reverse signal wire. That wasn’t right either. But that was easy to explain because that wire was going straight to the battery for some mysterious reason. And it was twinned with the brake control wire...they were shorted.

And that was on me. When I soldered and covered a cable join, I was tardy with the tape and bzzzt between the two cables. Sod it. Easy fix given I’d nearly dismantled everything anyway...but it turned a 1.5 hour job into a 3 hour trudge.


Now the brake controller works...no idea if the camper brakes work though!!

But at least we can go camping.

The camper end...

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