$1200 in repairs

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That’s how much it will take to fix Jolly Roger. The timing belt went. I....wasn’t aware they needed to be replaced every 100k miles or so. I feel like a idiot too because since I’ve only been into cars for like 2 years, and been trying to learn as much as I can, and I somehow neglected to learn this. [old pic]


The timing belt went, which took out the water pump, steering belt, alternator belt, anti-freeze, and the timing belt tensioner. And this is only the obvious damage. :/

Besides feeling like a horrible gearhead, I was so nervous/stressed about everything yesterday I physically got sick. Today, when I found out the amount, I started shaking and stuttering. I’ve been fretting the price tag every since the car broke down two nights ago.


I called my parents, and...they are footing the bill. I didn’t even ask them too, I called looking for advice and conversational warmth. I just feel so, ugh, like a inadequate gearhead. :(.

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