$1200 worth of damage fixed for $14

And took me 5 minutes. Heck, it took longer to scrub off the adhesive left behind by the duct tape...

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The fender was pushed in/back a bit so it doesn’t line up PERFECTLY, but its in. And it won’t fall out. Maybe. Who cares about the paint work? Not me. The bumper can wear those scuffs WITH HONOUR. The ones on the fender wheel and center cap should buff out, or need minimal touching up.

Hooray, no more taped together POS!

And, thee exhaust is so quiet now! Ever since I got the car it had a whistle under heavyish loads that sounded like either a supercharger whine, a turbo spool, or an exhaust leak... you pick.


That’s gone as well and the car is almost stealthy quick now.

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