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12v? more like no volt..

I’ve been troubleshooting my remote start on the Tacoma for a week now, added to the cranking time, check the tach sensor, etc, etc.. It startes fine if the blower motor is off but otherwise it does it’s three tries and nothing.

Verdict; well it’s a 2005 on the original battery - so that might be were the issue is.

Our Forester has had a few mis-starts this fall, nothing major - just once in or twice it wouldn’t catch on first try and then went on the second. I was thinking about a new battery for it as well - 2008 on the original.


It just got cold this week, -15c this morning and I got a call from my wife, she was at the school doing drop off kiddos and the Forester won’t start.. She managed to get it going by turning off the blower and the heated seats and stereo..

So I know what I’m doing tonight.


So what does Oppo recommend; AGM or lead acid?



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