Time for a Seat! Time for a Fiat as well!

Meet the Seat - or Fiat - 133.


Looks like (to those of us know our Fiats) like a 127 with a 126 front end.

It was neither. Made at a time when Seat were related to Fiat rather than VW, the 133 was derived from the Fiat/Seat 850 and shared that model’s rear mounted 843cc engine. You had (depending on model and what grade of fuel it was designed for) between 34 and 44 bhp to play with and so the more powerful one was deemed fast enough to warrant front disc brakes. Unlike earlier Seats it was intended to be exported so as to provide the previously protected Spanish car industry with something they could sell abroad when they lost their privileged position at home.

Some cars were made under licence in Argentina and there was an agreement for assembly in Egypt from ckd kits. The Argentinians (lucky them!) got the 903 cc engine from the 127.

If you lived in a place without Seat dealers you got the 133 with Fiat badges instead, just like this.


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