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135,908-foot leap breaks world record

Dr. Alan Eustace, Sr.VP of Knowledge at Google successfully survived completed a 135,908' free-fall and seemingly no one noticed or cared.

There are several things that make this so...unusual. Besides jumping from the edge of space.


1.) No fanfare or media coverage. Only a tweet afterwards, "A @Google executive, Alan Eustace, now has highest free-fall parachute jump record: 136,362 ft. @markoff piece shortly." from New York Times Science.

2.) He did not ride a capsule or even a basket. He was suspended from a balloon in what basically amounts to a space suit. The trip up took 2 hours, the fall took 15 minutes. He reached speed in excess of 800 mph.


3.) This was self-funded. There was no massive funding by a retail sponsor like. He hired Paragon Space Development Corporation to design the suit.

GoPro video should be coming soon. But for now, you get this:

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