So I'm selling my car currently in the hopes of getting a 2008 SAAB 9-3 Turbo X. At least that's what I thought. I did some searching to find a backup in the case that I sell my car and the Turbo X is a lemon. During my searches I found a BMW 135i with reasonably low miles in my price range, now I just have to decide between the two... any suggestions? warnings?

Here's some pros and cons I can think of. If there's anything I missed please do add in the comments


Turbo X


  • More usable: four doors, bigger trunk, five seats. I pack my wagon nearly full every single day so I need the practicality
  • Rare: only 600 in the U.S., especially rare with a manual
  • Cheaper Maintenance: lower part costs, lower garage fees
  • I love Saabs


  • Lower Quality Interior: More plastics, more GMness, but good design and ergonomics
  • Not as Good to Drive: steering feel probably isn't as good, not as lively as the bimmer, but the haldex AWD is rather advanced and means amazing traction.
  • Not a wagon: but oh well, I can deal with it, a turbo X wagon would have seen my arm cut off by now anyway

BMW 135i


  • More fun to drive: better handling, RWD, BMW. The 135 is a fantastic car and I would love a RWD hoon machine
  • Holds Value: Better than a SAAB at least, I'm sure it will be a classic in the future, although the Turbo X will be a cult classic as well.
  • Better Interior: I'm not a fan of BMW interiors but the 1 series I actually like. It's not as cluttered and the ergonomics are better than the 3 or 5. The bimmer lacks nav, which is ok considering it would be iDrive; the Turbo X has nav, and some great nav at that.


  • Less space: only four seats. I drive people around a lot but have yet to fill my car more than once so I guess I could live with a four seater
  • Higher Maintenance: costs more, and more often. I don't know of any reliability issues but the Turbo X is basically bulletproof
  • BMW status: I'm a high school kid, other high school kids see BMW keys and go "Oh, you're that kid." That's one reason I love SAAB. They're basically classless, or people just don't know anything about them.

This decision is really hard. Both are fantastic cars. Both are fairly rare and sure to increase in value in the future. Each offer a unique driving experience and have their own quirks. Either way I know I will be happy, you can't go wrong with either.

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