St Valentine’s Day, but let’s go with Valentindagen or alla hjärtans dag because today has a Swedish influence.

Yes, it’s time for something boxy, sensible and a little staid. The Volvo 142. Varsågod.

This is a rest of the world one.


If you’re persuaded by Americanism you’d have got one with added orange lights and then more again, like this. No, I don’t know why so many were required.

If you’re persuaded by Swedishness, matters can become more interesting, especially if you’re under 18 and therefore too young to drive a proper car there. If you’re 16 you can drive a tractor instead. This a tractor. Specifically, it’s an a-traktor.


So are these.


Yes, they began life as unsuspecting 142s but after a bit of modification they’re now traktorer as defined by the relevant legislation so if you’re a Swede aged between 16 and 18 off you go. Slowly.

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