Ok holy cow. Maybe I just shouldn't comment on FP, but why can't anybody be reasonable about things? I commented about how I think the toyobaaru twins are underpowered, and would be great with more (see: I watch the modded ones at autox, they are quick and nimble). Nobody can accept that for some reason. It is what it is.

I'm a massive corvette fan. Guess what? I know for certain the c5 interior sucked, as that is the 'vette I have had the most opportunity to sit in and understand compared to its competition as well as regular sedans of the era. I haven't sat in the c6 much, but I'm sure it isn't that great either. I don't like the c4 interior much either. Do I still love it? Sure. Did the interior suck? Yes. Is it crazy bad? Not really.

Can't we all understand and agree on the faults of vehicles that are generally popular? Damn.



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