Ok, so many of you may be aware of the $3500 m3 I purchased and then had painted. The paint saga is ongoing as they have returned my car once again with shoddy ass paint and a request that I bring it back in a month so they can redo it correctly..... now thats bad enough but I found out something even worse when I took it to my mechanic and put her up on the lift. The girls frame is straight and bushings good but shes got the cancer. The underbody has a good deal of rust and it has eaten through and softened things like the drivers floor pan among other parts. I dont feel its dangerous at this point or that any major structure is eaten but it does raise the question "What would you do with it?" It runs like a top, handles on rails and minus the paint which still looks better than when I got it and the rust, is generally a solid and attractive car. I cant decide whether to try to just sell her for a profit or keep her and whip her like an old pony till she hits tbe glue factory. Input is appreciated and ill throw some pics up if I get a chance.