This video of the new Z/28 proves GM only has one marketing plan when launching a performance vehicle, Nürburgring. But do people care how a car performs on the Nürburgring?

Sure, the track provides automakers a universal benchmark for performance, but what is the value of that measurement? Considering a car based on its Nürburgring time is like marrying a person based on how fast they run a 5K.

Aside from the buzz created around the car's time and maybe some minor engineering tweaks, what is the value to an automaker in telling the world how fast their car goes around a racetrack in Germany?

GM seems to think that buyers care that the ATS was tested in Germany as their ads tell you "We took the ATS to Green Hell." Does that make the car better? Perfectly good cars are tested in Arizona, Michigan and Canada. Why don't we see ads that say, "We took the new [ENTER MILD-PERFORMING LUXURY SEDAN] to the Mojave Desert." At what point did marketing conclude that Germany automatically translated to proven performance? Do we have BMW to blame for this fascination with German = awesome performance?


Further, if the Nürburgring were to close, should automakers collectively decide on a new go-fast measuring stick standard? If so what track would you recommend as the new premier automotive marketing performance test track?