I'm not exactly the kind of guy that enjoys pop music or most of the modern computer-generated tunes. [shameless plug: If you want to make judgements about my musical taste check out Song Hunt] That said, a few weeks ago I head "The Fox" at a party and I couldn't help but to love it. Let's analyse why it's an awesome song.

1: It's Unique

You know how many pop songs deal with partying, drinking, getting high, getting the girl/guy, drinking and getting high with the girl/guy at a party...etc.? All of them. This one is about friggin' animal noises and nothing else!


2: It's Innocent

It's quite refreshing to know that a song with a children's book for lyrics can not only be popular with the millennials, but be the go-to party music. It's also cool to think that kids of any age could find it on the radio and have just as much fun as the college kids. Reminds me of the early 60s...not that I'd remember them.


3: It's got cool dance moves

They're not as good as the stuff you'd find in Thriller, but at least there's decent effort put into them and it's fun to watch.


4: It's silly and fun

Perhaps my favorite thing about "The Fox" is that it was made as a joke. The crazy Fox noises are meant to parody the weird dying-fax machine sounds we find in all the modern dubstep and whatnot. This song isn't meant to be serious, it's just a childish song filled with funny singing. You know you can dance as crazy as you want when it comes on because the song will always be crazier.



Heaven forbid this actually finds its way to my iPod, but regardless, "The Fox" is such an enjoyable song. The beat may be unimaginative, the instruments computerized, the singing annoying, and the lyrics poorly worded, but to know that a popular song can be fun and innocent is enough to make me smile. Hopefully soon my generation will choose to enjoy musicians with actual talent, but until that day comes, I'll be rocking out to "The Fox" at every party and loving every minute of it.