On the way home from work today I witnessed what looked like an impromptu street race between a Optima SX-L and a Golf R. I was cruising along in the left lane going about 80mph, when I look in my rear view and see two cars approaching at a very high rate of speed, and weaving through traffic. I get into the center lane and set my cruise at 80 to have some sort of speed reference on these two. The Optima then the Golf R blow by me as if I was standing still, they had to be pushing at least 95. They continue to weave in-between the cars and their inputs did not look smooth either. I did not want them to crash, but I did wish for a State Trooper up a head. I don't know who "won" as I took my exit, my guess is whoever decided to be the bigger maniac. There is a time and a place for that shit but the AC Expressway at 3:30 in the afternoon is not it. Just like those asshat bikers in NY, folks like these give the rest of us a bad name.