In the NYC area some idiots are pointing green laser pointers/targeting lasers at aircraft landing and taking off. Several pilots have reported burned retinas. I actually was a target over the middle of nowhere Wisconsin to a green laser and my First Officer was, minorly, affected. It is a mandatory report I have to file as well when that happens. So if you have buddies wondering if it could point a plane or helicopter, or just know of anyone thinking it would be so cool to point it at things or in peoples windows etc. please tell them that even at 10,000 feet a pilot can be affected by that tiny laser they're holding, and to imagine a person across the street blinded for a while or worse by their cool idea. The FBI is watching.....and I'm glad too because I frequent LaGuardia and don't want to be a target. My long term disability sucks so getting pointed and having eye trouble could interrupt the career for 6 months or permanently depending on the seriousness. I'd hate for a moron to be the cause of it.