I'm considering these to replace the all-seasons currently on my car. I live in Ontario and in winter our roads are typically well cleared and fairly dry, most of the time. Based on the tread pattern, these look like they should handle slush and water well and be decent in the snow. Online reviews are fairly mixed, they range from seeming like exactly what I'm looking for to being called useless in snow and having no treadlife. So, does anyone here have experience with these tires? Recommended? Stay away?

Oh, I should also not that I won't actually be doing a whole lot of driving in the winter in this car. When I go skiing I typically take another vehicle.

Alternatively I'm considering the Hankook Optimo 4S. These are also all-season but are technically certified as a winter tire as well. These are fairly well reviewed as having good winter grip but are noted for a significantly shorter life.


Side note: My notification count is now up to 477. I've got a while to go to beat Travis' 3154.