This is my dad's truck. Been driven as a daily driver since June of 2000. Engine is burning oil now. Sad truth is, my dad's junking it. For 1500 dollars. So much for giving it to someone else. Now my mom wants a Venza. Shit. This truck has been though a ECU, Engine rebuild, god knows how many clutches, countless trips to get abalone and geoduck, towed a boat, san francisco streets, and the road of the bay area. He even broke the part where connects the clutch pedal to the clutch itself. This thing's a relic of the back to basics, simple tacoma. Not like those gaudy ones nowadays. This thing was bought new. My dad didn't want to sell it because it had far too many problems. (tried to, 7 people called me) At least this was a manual. Suprisingly, I think one or two of the hubcaps have survived this ordeal, and hope this can see a second life as a parts car. Rest in peace, Tacoma, and hope your last mission as moving a window will be the most victorious of all.