How to crash an Aston Martin and get away with it

Roughly 1.30 am on Sunday here in Mumbai. An Aston Martin Rapide loses control and crashes into an Audi A4, sending it into the opposite lane and into a bus. The Rapide then crashes into a Hyundai Elantra, making the latter spin 360 degrees and finally comes to a halt. And yeah, all this while one of its front wheels comes off and ends up on the other side of the road. Okay, crashes like these happen all the time due to ignorant fucktards.


The driver immediately comes out, gets into one of the 2 Honda CRV security cars accompanying the car and is nowhere to be seen. Cops arrive to the scene and sometime later, realise its registered in the name of an Indian conglomerate, owned by the guy who spent $1 billion on his home.

Now, the funny part - Next day, the company issues a statement saying it was driven by a chauffeur who had taken it out on a "maintenance drive" because the car was not used that day, and the chauffeur turned up at the police station !

Wow, chauffeur who gets to take an Aston Martin at 1.30 am for a spin along with 2 SUVs for security. What a nice job!

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