I want to write more fun stories on Oppo, I want to take pictures of weird shit you only see out here in the sticks, re-tell my adventures of a weekend race here and there, post obscure craigslist finds I run into, etc.

I want to do this on Oppo because of the community, because while I could start a website /blog and post things (hell, I own www.FastCarFreaks.com) I wouldn't get all these wonderful people to discuss my musings with.

So, from the bottom of my heart, please, all I want for Christmas is an editor that doesn't completely blow chunks. If you insist on going through and automatically adding your annotator to my photos can you at least make the layout look the same when editing as when I publish it?

I'll say this: before moving on to manage software, I was a UX person (That's user experience) developing web based software. Kinja, is not user experience friendly. I contributed to large open source JS libraries and editors, etc and I would prefer to NOT SPEND the time trying to figure out a way around your 'editor'.

Now, a moment to say the positives: your image handling seems to have gotten pretty good, as long as you know the CDN process won't be done after you post (just give it a second) it's pretty easy to use. Happily, I can even copy paste an image into your editor (nice!). So you're not doing everything wrong!!