I don't have Cable T.V., but I watch it at the gym and I just stumbled upon this show.

Some internet dives later and I'm still not sure what to think.

It's sensationalism television to be sure. The added sound effects, the fiddle ridden soundtrack, the nationalism... However it's got some very interesting cars.

Having grown up in podunk small town 'Merica, I've been witness to my fair share of muscle cars, trucks, and gun racks (in both). Having left said podunk small town and having left 'Merica, I've been witness to plenty of rice, no guns, and exotics. As such, this show has a weird unorthodox appeal to me.

On the one hand, the classic American Muscle has had some work done to it. Like an aging Hollywood star, the surgeon behind the scenes makes the old gals look good. On the other hand, the redneck kid in me doesn't care that the the classics have had work done, I just want them to Hee-Haw their way to victory!

Then that rational (on a good day) frontal lobe kicks in and reminds me of my other two hands. The drivers and the editors. You've got an open call that was probably inflammatory and will likely draw any and all comers not actively working at the time of the shooting. You also have a show engineered to incite a dichotomous response with a host of cameras and editors that will cut and splice the final product to make it as fantastical as possible.


There is a 5th hand as well. A hand any gambler on a souther bayou riverboat would be familiar with, a stacked deck. Those Redneck cars are the wet dream of any kid that grew up watching Horsepower TV.

As a show, it ranks up there with Fast N Loud. It's fun, it's good background noise when I'm working on projects, and on occasion it really can surprise you. Overall though it's nothing to hang ones hat on.