Earlier today I made an offensive comment on a post. I made a joke about how women belong in the passenger seat of sports cars. I watched the video of the lady winning the Audi R8 and noticed she ran straight to the passenger seat and not the drivers seat. I thought it was odd. I also thought it was funny. I commented in a rude way about how I thought it was funny. Lots of people recommended it and others commented on it as well.

Then it was gone. No explanation. No warning. I could only find it through my notifications. Apparently I offended someone. What's worse though is I did not know I had offended anyone or who I may have offended. I had no opportunity to apologize to anyone I may have offended. I had no chance to work it out and explain my views to someone else while they explained theirs to me. That is my favorite thing about poking and prodding on the internet is getting to really talk to people sometimes and elaborate on our views and how they make us similar and how they make us different and how we can walk away from a possibly bad situation with a mutual sense of respect.

It reminded me of this thread. Only I never got to talk to the person/s I offended. I suppose we can't blame Jalopnik or Gawker as a whole. This is the way of the internet and the rest of the media in the modern age. If someone says something offensive or controversial rather than deal with it directly and work out what was wrong with either sides view the media hides it and distances itself from anything that might resemble accountability.


Update: Now I've been grayed out. Let my tale serve as a warning to the rest of you. Make a joke at the expense of the wrong group and it will cost you commenting privileges. Make sure are all your jokes are at the expense of gawker approved groups.