We're looking pretty closely at the Hyundai Santa Fe Limited and the Chevy Traverse 2LT. We want some third row action for the times we're moving friends and family (which does happen but not a whole lot, and is why we aren't looking more closely at a minivan), and with two small kids in car seats the 2nd row captain's chairs actually make 3rd row access a possibility with those things latched to the frame.

I know the brand new Durango is getting good reviews, but having dealt with other recent Chrysler products I'm less than convinced. I actually like the Flex and Explorer, but from what I can tell there is no way in those cars to access the third row without totally uninstalling the car seat from the second row. Ugh. The Toe-rag is just too expensive. The CX9 doesn't seem to have enough/comparable legroom in the second row and the third row is Porsche 911 dimensions. That said, it IS the best driving of the bunch.

I'm honestly leaning toward the Hyundai at this point. The dealer is far more willing to work with us, it's loaded with more standard features that are options on other models, it drives well enough, is SUPER quiet on the highway, and has plenty of room for the family. Etc. Seems like on the bell curve of mid-size SUV's to be smack in the middle.

What say ye?