Which car would you gladly drive (read, HOON) for a day, but never own for a multitude of reasons, which could include fear of being seen in it or having to offer a detailed explanation to every bystander? A small caveat here, you must be able to afford it.

My first thought was the obvious, Jalop answer, MIATA. However, I own an FR-S and clearly have already made my choice against that fine piece of automotive machinery.

Next up? The Ford Raptor, looks mean as hell and pretty cool to boot. Only problem is the granola munching, Birkenstock (I guess Tom's are in now) SF Bay area folks would probably murder me and the bro truck mafia would say I haven't lifted the truck quite enough.

So here I am, and there is one car that somehow alluded me throughout my car shopping test drives. That is, the Fiat Abarth. The car is intoxicating in how quirky, nuts sounding and full of character it is. Every time I see one on the street I want to toss the man (its always a man) my FR-S keys for the day.


What's yours? Photocredits to the various autoblogs out there. Motortrend, thetruthaboutcars