My friends survived a massive crash dec 28th driving home from a family trip. They got rammed by a pickup truck that ran a stop sign at full speed.…

It hit Phil's side but Ashley sustained most of the damage. Both were life-flighted to Mercy St. Vincent's Hospital in Toledo, Ohio where they are being given the best possible care.


Phil has several broken bones and will be off from work for several months. Ashley's road to recovery is a bit more long and we're taking it day by day. Along with her internal injuries, she also has a broken hip which will need rehab and attention.


If you can find it in your heart to donate any little to the cause, please do so in the link above.

I went over to see them a couple of days ago and they're doing pretty well considering the shape of the car. They were lucky they weren't in his Mazdaspeed Miata or their Tacoma. Their injuries sound much worse than they actually are. She is lucky to still have full function of her legs (hugely lucky there). It was bad but still not as bad as it could have been


I'm not one to normally post something like this but as a Jalop it's still my duty to do so.