Time for me to write about ideas bouncing around in my head, and for you to read them!

If all goes well tomorrow, I should be picking up my e23 745i this saturday.

Right now, the car has a set of staggered style 118's off a 6 series. While I like the look of 18's on here, I'm not a fan of the 118's, and I don't want to go back to the Antera 123's.

So, the paint on this car isn't in fantastic shape. In fact, its been resprayed on the back from an accident years ago, which is really obvious in the right angles under the right light. In fact, this isn't even the original shade of grey, I think this is "dolphin grey", the car was originally cosmosblau metallic, which is actually slightly lighter with a hint of... you guessed it, blue.

It has a few dings on the doors, typical for 27 year old car. The pass fender has a fuck ton of dents going down it (a dent free replacement is ready and waiting), the roof has a little bit of fade and a small ding, and the hood has a spot on it where guy my friend got it from tried to touch up a spot by rattle can painting it and sanding it down. (Spoiler alert: it didn't work)


(Top right of hood)

So, two options.

Option 1, repaint the bad spots of the car and get it looking decent. Either find a set of style 37's or maybe something like a style 42. I like how these look, I think they are aftermarket style 42's.


Option 2, repaint the whole car black with a decent paint job. I don't need something concourse quality but just to look good for a 27 year old car. If I do black, I am 100% dead set on finding some style 37's for this car.



So what do, stick with grey? Or go with black?