The world hates the Juke. We don't share the same sentiment, so when I heard that you could not get the Juke Nismo RS with its best drivetrain configuration (6MT and AWD), I felt like Nissan had come too close to doing us all a solid to once again have been juked by the bean counters figuring that we can only partially have what we want. Now, I would not buy a Juke. I don't have nearly enough money, I don't like it enough, and there are far better options (particularly used ones from decades past) to feel much of a desire to own one. It just seems like a fun car, but you would simply feel so limited having to choose between FWD and automatic transmissions. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would opt for the one with three pedals every time, but they just would have made a car that met more people's expectations had they decided to give us the full monty. Anyways, I ramble; like the last FEQ, this one is about options. What are some significant and/or senseless ways that automakers led us on but did not give us the combination of things we wanted (because it would have just been too perfect)?

Things were really looking up for the Juke, what with four driven wheels and three pedals... or maybe that's just the headlights being on the top of the front fenders.

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