will be an Acura TL Type S... but help me decide which one!

There are only two TL-S's within a 200 mile radius with less than 70k miles and the six speed manual. Both are Nighthawk Black Pearl and have clean Carfaxes. Both NADA values are within $300 of each other. Both cars have fresh tires installed by the dealerships they are at.

The first one is a trade in at a local Infiniti dealership. It's a 2008 with 65k miles. It's a one owner, and it's wicked clean. Paint is excellent and the body is straight. The only issues it has is the center armrest is worn to shit and one of the wheels has a serious case of curb rash. The dealer already told me they'd fix anything cosmetic for me. The asking price was initially $20,900, but they've dropped it a grand to $19,900. They've had it listed for only about a week.

To summarize: 08, $20k, 65k, 15 miles away.


The other TL is a 2007, but it only has 46,000 miles! I haven't gone to look at it yet, on account of it being 150 miles away... I know it has a ding in its bumper from an email to the dealer. It's at an Acura dealership and they said they'd be able to set me up with temp tags to get home.

To summarize: 07, $22k, 46k, 150 miles away.


At first I was just going to buy the 07, but now I'm strongly considering the local car. My father-in-law believes I'd have stronger bargaining power at the nearby dealer. I'd also have to pay the sales tax when I go to register the out-of-state car, rather than lumping it into what I finance at the local dealership. If I run into issues with the 46k car, I'd have to haul it back. By the time I go to sell it for something else, they will both be 10 years old and worth shit anyway!

So what do you think, Oppo? Is it worth the $2k for the 20k less miles and the trip? Which one would you get?