I spent last night dreaming of Fiat Spiders, I've been looking at Fiats online, drooling over a couple of Alfas, in addition to Fiats, listening to recordings of old twin-cam Fiat racecars.

In addition to this, I'm trying to figure out why the ECU isn't grounding pin 85 on the Fuel Injection relay on the Spider I'm seriously looking at... (Friend's car == Get to play doctor with it.) It's either the ECU isn't getting power, or the sealed-in-box rebuilt ECU is dead. I know the relay works, because with a test button, I can ground pin 85, swing the "weathervane" in the airflow meter and get the pump to pulse and the injectors to fire. I know she's getting spark on all 4, so...

Damn L-Jetronic.

Have a semi-related picture for the patience with my rant.